• A Team Approach

The New Bedford Wind Energy Center (NBWEC) works collaboratively with its partners to build capacity for the offshore wind industry in New Bedford. The center’s mission is to capture all the benefits possible, including local job creation and investments, from the development of the offshore wind industry in Massachusetts.

New Bedford takes a team approach to driving its economic development agenda—specifically those activities associated with the emerging American offshore wind Industry. That allows this port city to meet the needs of the private sector at nearly every scale of demand. By aligning its economic development, harbor development, and workforce readiness partner agencies, the City has made the Port of New Bedford the premier maritime location for industrial scale offshore wind.

The NBWEC is a partnership of the city’s Harbor Development Commission, the New Bedford Economic Development Council, and Bristol Community College.

Harbor Development Commission

 The Harbor Development Commission (HDC) has jurisdiction over all of the coastal waters in New Bedford, including the entire coastline of the peninsula, the New Bedford Harbor, and north along the Acushnet River to the city’s boundaries. The HDC represents a wide array of harbor interests and manages and operates City-owned property on the waterfront with the goal of maintaining a diverse economic base for the city by retaining and encouraging maritime and water-related businesses.

The HDC’s primary roles are to:

  • Provide a high level of customer service in a cost-effective manner through adequate infrastructure and the efficient operation and maintenance of its existing facilities and services; and
  • Promote the Port as “business friendly” through the support and retention of existing maritime businesses and activities, and the facilitation of new business opportunities along the waterfront.

Chaired by the Mayor, the Commission consists of seven members as appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. The HDC has the authorities of the harbormaster and the responsibility to manage commercial and recreational vessel activities over all the waters within the New Bedford city limits. The crucial day-to-day operations and decision making is the responsibility of the HDC staff headed by an Executive Director.

The HDC represents a wide array of harbor interests and one of its primary roles is to support economic development along the waterfront. The HDC has planning, developing, and financing authority for city properties within the Port.

New Bedford Economic Development Council

The NBEDC is a nonprofit economic development organization that works closely with a host of municipal departments on the permitting of a wide variety of development projects and business expansions throughout the city. The NBEDC is responsible for the management of the City’s Tax Increment Financing Program, manages the operations of the New Bedford Business Park, and administers a lending program targeted to small business expansion.

Bristol Community College

As the leading resource for education and workforce development in southeastern Massachusetts, Bristol Community College (BCC) provides programs that promote individual opportunity and the region’s economic health. BCC programs offer a strong foundation in liberal arts and sciences; career-ready education in health sciences, engineering and technology, and business; and comprehensive developmental education and adult literacy services; delivered in a learner- centered, supportive community. The College also develops active partnerships with business and industry, preK-12, colleges and universities, and social service agencies to maintain relevance and effectiveness of all credit and noncredit programming.

BCC has campuses in New Bedford, Fall River, Attleboro and Taunton and began offering a certificate program in wind power in 2013. The 14-credit program offers training in safety, electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical systems, electrical power generation and wind power systems.