Offshore Wind Giant Vestas Aims to Catapult U.S. Into Global Renewables Leadership

From Triple Pundit

South Carolina seems an unlikely spot for the global offshore wind industry to gain a showcase foothold in the U.S. After all, the state is among several Atlantic coast states that have been dragging their feet on offshore wind development. However, South Carolina’s Clemson University happens to be the home of a self-described state of the art wind turbine test bed, and Vestas has just announced that its V164-9.5 MW offshore wind turbine will get a test run there.

Despite its long coastlines, the US has been lagging behind other nations when it comes to offshore wind development. However, the sleeping giant is beginning to awake, and Vestas is already claiming that its turbine will nail down the business for major U.S. offshore wind development projects to come.

The new Vestas wind announcement is a big one. It’s not just a one-off run through the test bed. The company is devoting $35 million to the test program overall, with up to $23 million going to Clemson over a five-year period.

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