Deepwater Wind pledges to use Port of New Bedford


NEW BEDFORD — Deepwater Wind announced Friday that it would establish long-term operations in New Bedford for one of its proposed offshore wind projects, Revolution Wind, if the project wins a state contract.

At a press conference on the New Bedford waterfront, Matthew Morrissey, a Deepwater vice president, said the company would also base installation out of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. He called the announcement “a milestone moment for our company.”

More than a year ago, three entities competing for offshore wind contracts in Massachusetts signed a letter of intent committing to use the terminal. Deepwater Wind was one of them, but at the time, it had not proposed Revolution Wind, its second Massachusetts bid.

Revolution Wind is not part of the three-way competition for a state offshore wind contract for at least 400 megawatts of energy generation. The project is smaller, at 144 megawatts, and is competing in a separate bidding process with renewable energy projects such as hydropower, land-based wind, and solar.

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